Animal Health

Fetch ’em for Fido

The newest craze in doggy healthcare is CBD.

Treat your best friend for aches and pains, separation anxiety, or those incessant nighttime scratches with treats tested by NatuRx‘s office dog.


Colorado Hemp Honey Raw Relief

Calm Kujo down with a scoop of raw Rocky Mountain honey infused with stress-relieving full-spectrum hemp extract. It’s triple-tested for purity and potency making sure that your pup gets 100% pure honey without any added gunk. Bonus: It’s a sharable product, so you can indulge as well. 68 serving per 12-oz. jar. $49.99, COLORADOHEMPHONEY.COM 


Only Natural Pet Hemp Allergy, Skin & Coat Chews

Ditch the cone of shame and put all that scratching to a stop with Only Natural Pet’s Hemp Allergy, Skin & Coat chews. Stress-relieving hempseed oil combines with essential fatty acids and antioxidants to boost brain function and get your pet focused more on gnawing chew toys than frail tails. One chew per day for every 20 lbs.; 60 chews per 7.4-OZ. jar $13.99, ONLYNATURALPET.COM

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