Snooze Control

Four CBD options for insomniacs

Colorado Craft Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, $80, 600mg CBD, 1oz

Serving size: 1 full dropper

Mind racing? Can’t turn off the day? CBD is here to banish your anxiety and stress for good. Here’s why we like this tincture: It’s chemical- and pesticide-free and comes from small, locally-owned Colorado farms (Read: 10 or fewer acres). Founders Chris Keig and Steven Ciccarelli describe it as “possibly the cleanest and greenest, cold-pressed, full-spectrum hemp CBD extract on the planet.” This ultra-calming oil contains less than 0.3% THC, and has a bright spearmint flavor. Nighty night!

Ancient Nutrition Organic CBD Hemp Sound Sleep Caplets, $85, 20mg CBD per caplet, 30 caplets per jar

Serving size: 1 pill

There’s a lot to like here: For starters, this caplet was developed over four years by two big names in natural health: Jordan Rubin (aka America’s Biblical Health Coach) and Dr. Josh Axe, author of Eat Dirt. It’s a fermented medley of stress-busting herbs paired with organic CBD hemp. Fermenting the herbs, which include valerian (especially great if you have pain) and ashwagandha, makes them easier to digest and absorb. Don’t like liquid supplements or vaping? These caplets are flavorless (a good thing) and start working in about 30 minutes. Lights out!

Kin Slips Shut Eye, $70, 5mg CBD per slip, 10 slips per pack

Serving size: 1 slip 

These trendy strips are potent. If you want to sleep like the dead, you’ve found your answer. What gives these strips an edge is their sublingual delivery form—the ingredients go straight into your bloodstream rather than through your digestive tract. Also great: This product contains both CBD and CBN cannabinoids. CBN has been shown to enhance sleep, reduce stress, and help relieve pain. These start working in 10 minutes, so be prepared. We love the delicate mint-chamomile flavor, too.

HempFusion Sleep CBD Hemp Extract, $40, 5mg CBD per capsule, 30 capsules per jar

Serving size: 1 slip

CBD plus the anti-anxiety aid GABA may produce the sleep of your dreams. This formula contains PharmaGABA, a more natural form of this amino acid. Several studies have been done on GABA and show that it helps combat insomnia, improve mood, and ease tension and stress. The result of coupling these two compounds? Pure alchemy. Expect to feel relaxed and mellow before drifting off to sleep. (Big bonus: You’re likely to wake up feeling perky and more positive!) HempFusion claims a wider array of cannabinoids because of their extraction process. You also get plant-based omegas and health-boosting terpenes.