About NatuRx

NatuRx is a new national magazine that covers cannabis as an essential tool for better living. And there is so much that this healing plant is good for. It’s a pain-relieving, stress-busting, inflammation taming, free-radical absorbing, brain sharpening, sleep-inducing, heart-protecting, acne clearing, nervous-system tuning, all-natural miracle. 

NatuRx provides world-class how-to editorial from a world-class editorial team—the people behind Yoga JournalBackpacker, Ski, Warren Miller EntertainmentOxygen, Vegetarian Times and Clean Eating. Now they’ve turned their attention to a green cure that’s been helping people for at least the last 5,000 years, and updating it for the current moment when new scientific studies and cannabis-legalization efforts are revolutionizing personal-health choices. NatuRx (pronounced Nature Rx) is the cannabis magazine we need right now.